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Make My Day – Then Break It

The American Express Centurion lounge at SFO has been going downhill. Here's why...

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

It seems like every store, hotel, or restaurant that I walk into these days has "background music" playing much too loud and many pump in their overbearing "signature scent," throwing me into an asthma attack. Am I the only party pooper?

Why Your iPhone Could Make Your Disaster Worse

My iPhone 4 wanted to be connected to iTunes and was a brick for four days until I could make it to an Apple store. Why carry a phone that can't even be a phone without being plugged into a computer first?

The World Lost a Visionary This Week

Steve Jobs was very much like Walt Disney in so many ways. Mercurial visionary and able to recognize the talents that he needed to get the job done. When Walt died he had left years and years of projects in the pipeline. Steve has done he same; he has projects in the pipeline and built […]

Be Alert– Our Country Needs More Lerts!

A suspicious gun store clerk helped prevent another murderous rampage at Fort Hood, but why were other gun store owners ordered to sell weapons to people who shouldn't have been able to buy them?

HP and Oracle – Gloves Off, Teeth Bared

Two years ago I said that Oracle will begin to sell a juiced up Oracle Database Engine against Oracle running on any other platform. The recent goings on between HP and Oracle proved me correct. HP only has one answer - NonStop.

What A Silly Yak I Am!

Steve Layman, one of my friends and a Hewlett-Packard co-worker, died of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma a couple of weeks ago a month short of his 44th birthday and four months short of his tenth wedding anniversary.  My dad died of the same disease when he was 44. But this is not a story about Steve nor […]

The Apple iTablet – Think Different, Very, Very Different

The rumored Apple iTablet might not be what we think it is. It could be a personal device that you snap into various frames which would make it into something else.

Cloud Computing is Just Time Sharing Warmed Over

Cloud Computing is what graybeards used to call Time Sharing. When computers filled rooms and cost millions of dollars, many companies had a dumb terminal like a Teletype, IBM 3270 or ADM-2, or a combination card reader/printer in their office which was connected by a point-to-point leased telephone line to a central computer somewhere. Customers were billed for […]

Disaster Recovery Journal Article

Virtualization is all the rage this year and this article describes the flavors and how to use them to your company's advantage.