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Where Is Your Weakest Link?

Computer spies have broken into the Pentagon's $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter project through vulnerabilities in the networks of two or three contractors helping to build the high-tech fighter jet

Disaster Recovery Journal Article

Virtualization is all the rage this year and this article describes the flavors and how to use them to your company's advantage.

April 27 – Samuel Morse’s Birthday

Morse Code is still alive - and it almost always works even when nothing else does.

Pigs Take Revenge For Chinese Pork Buns

The H1N1 Swine/Avian/Human flu has arrived. Don't panic, but do wash your hands frequently and avoid sharing drinking glasses, food, and utensils.

Sun Deal ‘Transforms’ Tech – What will HP do?

What can HP do against the Oracle-Sun onslaught? You might be surprised.

Sound of Music Train Station

I have never before passed around a link to a video, but this one is absolutely amazing – and in these troubled times, we need a little magic. This video was filmed in Antwerpen’s Centraal Station in Belgium. I hope that it lifts your spirits and makes your day the same way that it made mine. […]

Buy Our Shampoo – Or Your Hair Will Fall Out.

Emergency preparedness messages usually are negative and sent only after a disaster. CARD suggests that we are going about this the wrong way - and gives out good advice.

The credit crisis – I need to vent…

Once again, unbridled greed has precipitated an economic crisis. At least in my memory, first was the savings and loan melt down followed by the dot com bomb, and now this one. All of them had something to do with a few people who were getting incredibly rich for being in the right place (pre-IPO […]

Desktop Virtualization and Security

Desktop virtualization can be used to secure your data, lower your costs, and increase employee productivity. It's magic!