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Judge Orders e-mail Account Closed

A bank employee sends confidential information to the wrong email address and a judge orders Google to deactivate that address even though the user was not accused of doing anything wrong.

Oops! Did I really click “Send?”

An employee of Wyoming's Rocky Mountain Bank inadvertently sent an e-mail with confidential information on more than 1,300 customers to the wrong e-mail address, and now they want it back. Isn't it a bit late for that?

How Can An SMB In Earthquake Country Be Prepared?

The Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities has concluded the probability of a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake over the next 30 years striking the greater Los Angeles area is 67%, and in the San Francisco Bay Area it is 63%. For the entire California region, the fault with the highest probability of generating at least […]

Be Prepared – Back To School Edition

Well, it's back to school for the kids and that means that Back To School Night can't be far behind. Here is a list of action items for you to take with you to discuss with school staff.

This Blog’s Version of WordPress is Up To Date

A worm is circulating that can post malware and spam to some WordPress blogs using outdated versions of the blogging software, according to a post by Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress. The vulnerability allowing the attack was discovered August 11, at which point WordPress encouraged users to upgrade to version 2.8.4. However, many people have […]