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It’s Not About Minneapolis, Really!

Northwest Flight 188 was out of contact for 90 minutes and overshot their destination by 150 miles while at 37,000 feet. Yet air traffic controllers waited about 40 minutes after losing contact with the plane before notifying the military - and fighters were never scrambled.

Your Slip Is Showing… Again!

ChoicePoint suffered a security breach in 2008 after they had already been ordered by a federal court to impose a data monitoring system. Unfortunately, someone turned it off for 4 months.

A Sidekick In The Pants – The Final Countdown?

Microsoft said Thursday that it believes it has recovered most of the Sidekick data that it initially feared might have been permanently lost. I am guessing that they located an older offline backup and are working on restoring it and applying any changes made to user data after the backup was made. This means that […]

A Sidekick In The Pants – Part 2

Thousands to tens of thousands of T-Mobile Sidekick customers may have lost all of their data. Here are some more thoughts on data protection.

A Sidekick In The Pants

T-Mobile and the Sidekick data services provider, Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, have announced that they lost subscribers' contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists and photos - and there is no backup.

Is Your Toilet Disaster Tolerant?

Your company spent a lot of money on their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. They spent hundreds of hours doing tabletop exercises and full blown deployments to see if everything comes together as it should. But what happens if you need to tinkle?