Sound of Music Train Station

I have never before passed around a link to a video, but this one is absolutely amazing – and in these troubled times, we need a little magic. This video was filmed in Antwerpen’s Centraal Station in Belgium. I hope that it lifts your spirits and makes your day the same way that it made mine. Invite your kids – it’s fun for the whole family.

Sound of Music Train Station @ Yahoo! Video

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  • Ana-Marie says:

    This is great, and it’s the second great video of the day! I just posted on that I am LOVING the Susan Boyle phenomenon! [} I’m so happy to see such joy being spread by so many people!

    The Sound of Music train station video will be my Twitter post tomorrow! By the way, in our presentations on Couch Potato Preparedness — the Sound of Music is an emergency preparedness favorite…
    — Julie Andrews’ character is resourceful by making play clothes out of old curtains.
    — When the threat becomes real, they formulate a plan of escape and they communicate it.
    — The adults take extra care to protect the children.
    — The children help each other.
    — In crisis, the family is helped by Max, a longtime friend.
    — When they evacuate from Austria, the family finds temporary sanctuary at Maria’s former abbey.
    — With all the music and dance numbers, they demonstrate lots of teamwork.
    — And my personal favorite: they sing “My Favorite Things” — a song all about thinking positively when bad things happen!

    Thanks for posting this video!


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