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Has the IronKey Been Exposed?

A poster named Nexus is claiming that he removed the protective epoxy coating from an IronKey secure USB flash drive and it still works. Photos of the chips on the device are shown here and here. What is interesting to me is that to get the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification that the device has, […]

Secure Flash Drives Which Aren’t

Three brands of secure flash drives easily can be unlocked due to an implementation flaw.

Who Owns Your Information? (Unfortunately, Part of a Series)

A hacker was able to break into the database of RockYou, which provides applications and services for social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. If you use any of their applications, you are toast.

Your Slip Is Showing… Again!

ChoicePoint suffered a security breach in 2008 after they had already been ordered by a federal court to impose a data monitoring system. Unfortunately, someone turned it off for 4 months.

Judge Orders e-mail Account Closed

A bank employee sends confidential information to the wrong email address and a judge orders Google to deactivate that address even though the user was not accused of doing anything wrong.

Oops! Did I really click “Send?”

An employee of Wyoming's Rocky Mountain Bank inadvertently sent an e-mail with confidential information on more than 1,300 customers to the wrong e-mail address, and now they want it back. Isn't it a bit late for that?

You Do Take Offsite Backups, Right?, a popular website for users of flight simulation gear has been felled by hackers who attacked the company's servers. Unfortunately, data was never stored offsite and offline, so when both servers were attacked, more than a decade of links, software modifications, and exchanges were permanently destroyed.

Where Is Your Weakest Link?

Computer spies have broken into the Pentagon's $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter project through vulnerabilities in the networks of two or three contractors helping to build the high-tech fighter jet