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We Phish Yahoo! a Merry Christmas :-)

Can your "backup address" make it easier for hackers to target you? Yes, yes it can!

Infiltrate, Exfiltrate, and… Inject?

This is a blog about spying in the Internet era. While activists would have you believe that it’s all about online personas, there is still a lot of cloak-and-dagger up close and personal spying going on. When Edward Snowden dumped his files, many Western spy agencies had to pull back agents because their covers were blown. […]

If You Want a Sandbox, Why Not Hit the Beach?

Why are my security engineers asking me for money to buy a sandbox? Can't they just go to the beach like everyone else?

Anonymous Hacks FBI Conference Call On Cyber Pirates

Anonymous posted a 16-minute recording of a call in which U.S. and foreign law enforcement officials discussed two alleged teenage members. Pundits say there was an email hack. FBI says someone forwarded the concall email. No matter how it happened, it needs to be prevented from happening again.

Pick a Number, Win the Lotto – How Citibank was Hacked

Hackers discovered that by changing a string of numbers at the end of the Citi Account Online URL, they could break into any account and steal names, account numbers, and email addresses. How could this happen, and is your company in the same situation?