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“Fake Chips Threaten Military” say US Commerce Officials

A recent story in the San Jose Mercury News states that a growing deluge of millions of counterfeit chips is posing peril to the military and the general public. A California company admitted importing 13,000 bogus chips altered to resemble those from legitimate companies, including Silicon Valley firms Intel, Atmel, Altera and National Semiconductor. Separate […]

“The Most Significant Breach Of U.S. Military Computers Ever”

… was caused by a malware-loaded USB Flash Drive. Plugging the cigarette-lighter-sized flash drive into an American military laptop at a base in the Middle East amounted to “a digital beachhead, from which data could be transferred to servers under foreign control,” according to William J. Lynn 3d, deputy secretary of defense. Many security experts […]

SCADA Systems Under Attack

New malware spread on USB flash drives targets the default password on Siemens' Simatic WinCC software to break in.

Has the IronKey Been Exposed?

A poster named Nexus is claiming that he removed the protective epoxy coating from an IronKey secure USB flash drive and it still works. Photos of the chips on the device are shown here and here. What is interesting to me is that to get the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification that the device has, […]

Secure Flash Drives Which Aren’t

Three brands of secure flash drives easily can be unlocked due to an implementation flaw.