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HP and Oracle – Gloves Off, Teeth Bared

Two years ago I said that Oracle will begin to sell a juiced up Oracle Database Engine against Oracle running on any other platform. The recent goings on between HP and Oracle proved me correct. HP only has one answer - NonStop.

Sir, Your Data Center Has Arrived

HP, Sun, and Active Power have a set of products that can be used to drop a new data center into place in a couple of months. But how about using these for disaster recovery?

Oracle To Keep Sun’s Hardware Business – I Told You So

As I predicted in an earlier post, Larry Ellison has told Reuters, “We are definitely not going to exit the hardware business. If a company designs both hardware and software, it can build much better systems than if they only design the software. That’s why Apple’s iPhone is so much better than Microsoft phones.” I opined […]

Sun Deal ‘Transforms’ Tech – What will HP do?

What can HP do against the Oracle-Sun onslaught? You might be surprised.