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If You Want a Sandbox, Why Not Hit the Beach?

Why are my security engineers asking me for money to buy a sandbox? Can't they just go to the beach like everyone else?

What’s on the Horizon

At VMWorld and at Open Mobile Summit┬áthis year, VMware showed off a new product currently code-named Horizon. While some websites are calling Horizon a mobile platform that creates a “phone within a phone,” Horizon is much more than that. Think of whatever computing device you have in your hands as a window to your applications […]

The Apple iTablet – Think Different, Very, Very Different

The rumored Apple iTablet might not be what we think it is. It could be a personal device that you snap into various frames which would make it into something else.

Is There Anybody Out There?

An ISP lost data for hundreds of thousands of customers because hackers targeted a vulnerability in the virtualization software they used to create Virtualized Private Servers. About half of their customers were not paying for data backup. When will we learn to take backups?

Desktop & Application Virtualization Redux

When you virtualize desktops and applications so that they run in your data center, they are easier to safeguard and upgrade. And you might even avoid DLL Hell.

Disaster Recovery Journal Article

Virtualization is all the rage this year and this article describes the flavors and how to use them to your company's advantage.

Desktop Virtualization and Security

Desktop virtualization can be used to secure your data, lower your costs, and increase employee productivity. It's magic!