Workplace Recovery and PCs

In a Chinese kitchen, there is a lot of prep work to do before you can start cooking. The same is true before you can move into a workplace recovery center. Secure Pocket Drive from SPYRUS can make this prep work a lot easier.

“The Most Significant Breach Of U.S. Military Computers Ever”

… was caused by a malware-loaded USB Flash Drive. Plugging the cigarette-lighter-sized flash drive into an American military laptop at a base in the Middle East amounted to “a digital beachhead, from which data could be transferred to servers under foreign control,” according to William J. Lynn 3d, deputy secretary of defense. Many security experts […]

Secure Flash Drives Which Are

Several weeks ago I blogged about several brands of USB flash drives which were all breached in the same way. The rumor mill has it that all of these drives were OEM’d from SanDisk, whose drives have been subject to other hacks in the past. SanDisk and Verbatim maintain that a software update is sufficient to […]