"I'm sitting in the Burbank airport with two hours before my flight (#*$!) and an infrequent opportunity to read the Spring 2009 Disaster Recovery Journal.  From my personal perspective, I think it is one of their best issues.

I wanted to take a moment to say that I thought your article on virtualization was excellent.  It will be "required reading" for my staff." Barry Cardoza , VP/Mgr. Contingency Planning, Union Bank of California

"Ron's knowledge and experience in BC Planning makes him an asset to any service provider offering products or services to this niche market. I have worked with Ron for several years and his ability to reach out to our readers in an educational nature was always a positive experience..." Bob Arnold, President, Disaster Recovery Journal

"Ron is an invaluable positive leader. I had the pleasure to work directly with Ron at Citrix as the Global Business Continuity Program Manager and indirectly as a representative of Citrix for the Federal Reserve Summit and a local contingency planning group. We worked closely on the IBM Citrix workforce continuity solution project and Ron always represented himself as an outstanding strategic thinker, team player and innovator." Laura Mallet, Business Continuity Program Manager, Citrix Systems

"Ron is extremely knowledgeable in the BCP field...he is enthusiastic, detail oriented, creative and a great team member. I have enjoyed working with him on educational and product launch projects. I highly recommend him." Regina Phelps, Founder - Principal, EMS Solutions


"Ron is the real deal, with deep knowledge of IT security product development. I regularly turned to him for explanations of complex technology, which I could then translate into messaging for the news media and for industry analysts. Unlike some experts, Ron could also convey the excitement of his work directly and he did an excellent job representing SanDisk during press interviews." Mike Langberg, Senior Public Relations Manager, SanDisk

"I have worked with Ron on and off for over 20 years. Ron has always demonstrated excellent process-oriented thinking, deep technical knowledge and a wealth of business acuman. I would recommend him highly especially in the areas of security and business continuity." Justin Simonds, Solutions Architect, Hewlett-Packard


"Ron worked for me as my information security specialist. Ron's conciseness and meticulous oversight of our infrastructure and his expert designs allowed us to integrate partners into our organization securely and seamlessly." W. Patrick Burke, Director Glboal Development, Hewlett Packard Company