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Publication Date

Crisis Response Box - IAEM Bulletin January 2012
Data Loss, Encryption, and Backups - Continuity Insights October 2011
ISSA Silver Cloud of Success or Storm Cloud on the Horizon (webinar) August 2011
Wikileaks advertisement January 2011
The Consumerization of IT - RSA Conference USA and Europe 2010 March and October 2010
San Bruno Community Prepredness Brochure September 2010
Will Volume Level Encryption Keep My Data Safe - HP Connect Magazine December 2009
Application and Desktop Virtualization - Disaster Recovery Journal web bonus article August 2009
Will Volume Level Encryption Keep My Data Safe? - HP Technology Forum (presentation) Summer 2009
Mr. LaPedis designed, authored, and coded Seacliffpartners.com* Spring 2009
Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Business Continuity ... Oh My! - DRJ Spring 2009
Workforce Continuity - Disaster Recovery Journal (article + advertisement) Winter 2008
The above article in Korean - 재난포커스 Winter 2008
Workforce Continuity - HP Community Connect (presentation) November 2008
Virtual Workplace Continuity demo (Adobe Flash) Spring 2008
Desktop Virtualization (SanDisk patent application) 7/10/2008
A People Focused Approach - Continuity Insights (article) Spring 2008
SanDisk TrustedSignins (brochure) 1/2007
SanDisk TrustWatch (brochure) 2/2007
Leveraging StorageWorks XP on NonStop Servers (presentation) 6/17/2005
Continuous application availability for HP Integrity NonStop servers (data sheet) 6/2005
Continuous application availability for HP Integrity NonStop servers (brochure) 5/13/2005
Continuous Application Availalability - Asia Banking Magazine (article) 2005
Lessons Learned from the 2003 Blackout (article) 5/2004
Remote Database Facility Configurations (white paper) 2004
Application_Uptime_is_No_Accident (presentation) 2003
Ensuring Survival - Developing a business continuity plan (white paper) 2003
no downtime, no excuses (advertisement) 2002