Our Mission

Seacliff Partners International, LLC (SPLLC) was established to help organizations of any size protect their assets—whether people, property or information—by bringing together business resilience, physical and cyber security, emergency response, active shooter training and firearms instruction for private industry and public safety organizations.

Today, SPLLC concentrates solely on NRA and NSSF approved firearms training and active shooter response for pubic and private organizations.

If you are selling law enforcement, shooting sports or emergency response products and services, we can offer advice on your product definition and marketing efforts, including writing collateral.

Why Seacliff Partners

♦ Frequently published - Police1.com column
♦ International experience - Asia-Pacific-Japan,   Canada, Europe, India, South Africa, USA
♦ NRA and California DOJ firearms instructor certifications
♦ Multiple best speaker awards


Upcoming and Recent Speaking Engagements

Upcoming events cancelled due to COVID-19
Please contact me if you believe that I can add value to your conference