The Invasion Of The Biometric Identity Snatchers

What happens when someone copies your fingerprints or makes a contact lens with a copy of your iris? If someone steals your biometrics, they may be able to prove that they’re you. If you like being “you” – and you’d rather not share that distinction with anyone else – the new world of biometrics is definitely worth thinking about.

Marriott Security Breakdown Gets Me Out of Bed (updated)

At 1:36 AM last night, I awoke to someone breaking into my room at the Cambridge Marriott hotel, outside of Boston. I heard the door slam open against the “visitor latch” that lets you open the door a bit to see who is outside. I jumped out of bed with my heart pounding, pulled on my pants and dialed 0 to have them send security to my room.

Are You Putting Your Organization At Risk?

In today’s always-on world, not only are employees talking about your latest secret project in public, they probably are working on it. Does this make your company an easy target for industrial espionage? The answer probably is yes.

Newtown Father Talks About Protecting His Daughter

Bill Stevens, the father of Victoria, a Sandy Hook Elementary school student, states that in the event of an intruder, there would be no lockdown at his house, and 911 would only be called after he has secured the situation. Why can’t his daughter’s school protect her as well as he can at home?

Run, Hide, Fight – New Keywords To Help You Survive

“It may feel like just another day at the office, but occasionally life feels more like an action movie than reality” This video produced by the city of Houston introduces the keywords, “Run, Hide, Fight” to help you survive an active shooter incident.

The Magical 10,000 Foot Chime

Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) need to be powered down and stowed before takeoff and landing. Is it really necessary for airlines to interrupt my entertainment?

Be Alert– Our Country Needs More Lerts!

A suspicious gun store clerk helped prevent another murderous rampage at Fort Hood, but why were other gun store owners ordered to sell weapons to people who shouldn’t have been able to buy them?

Why Is a Terrorist Like SPAM?

President Obama said that there were “systemic and human failures” yet there is no such thing as 100% security – just like there is no such thing as totally accurate SPAM filtering. So what do you do?

Security Means Nothing In Our Laps – HUH?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried and failed to take down an airliner on Christmas day. Now we can’t have anything in our laps for the last hour of an international flight. Huh?

H1N1 Is No Joke – Get Vaccinated – NOW!

Some commentators are trying to scare the population away from taking the H1N1 vaccine by quoting the Great Swine Flu Scare of ’76. Take some time to learn about what really happened and what was done about it. Then get your children vaccinated.