The Apple iTablet – Think Different, Very, Very Different

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The Apple iTablet is brilliant if you think different. Don’t think about using it on its own because you would only use it that way when you are traveling light. Think about it as the center of an ecosystem. You carry it to work and pop it into an iMac-like frame and it becomes your work system. Carry it home and pop it into another frame and it’s your home system. It should be possible to set up frames so that they can automatically reconfigure the system or select a set of preferences or perhaps a virtual OS.

When you are at work, it is set up as a work system and the frame can trigger data leakage rules so that you cannot walk out with corporate assets. When you are terminated, the data is no longer accessible to you because a timeout will delete data if the iTablet is not connected to your work frame in a specific period of time. Need a laptop? There’s a frame for that too.

What I am trying to get across is that the iTablet carries your software and ‘personality.’ You can use it on its own, or you can pop it into a frame which might increase its power, storage, and add a keyboard and mouse.

Think about all of the cars that have iPod connectors in them. Extend that concept so that hotels, coffee shops, Internet Cafes, etc. have empty frames which are ready to run once your tablet is plugged in. No need to worry about privacy or viruses, because its YOUR system you are using. Now imagine a frame on the back of every airline seat. If you’ve tried watching an iPod or iPhone on a plane, you’ll see how cool this is. A browser can be brought up for in-flight entertainment or the route map if you run out of your own media.

Am I too far into the Reality Distortion Field or might I have something here? Let me know…

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